How to Become a YouTube Advertising and Make Money

How To Make Money On YouTube Through Ads

Every day, five billion YouTube videos see throughout the world. YouTube is just as popular as it has always been, with users spending an average of 40 minutes per session on the site.

The next thing you should understand is how to make money on YouTube, in line with this digital transition. To get started on YouTube, all you need is video editing software and a computer.

How to Become a YouTube Advertising and Make Money

Ryan’s Toy Review, for example, earned a whopping $22 million by messing about with and disassembling toys. Not bad for tinkering with electronics.

Making money on YouTube is no longer limited to a small group of platinum musicians, businesspeople, or social media celebrities. YouTube provides a plethora of ways for regular individuals to make money.

You must, however, take a more planned approach.

How much is make per view?

Have you ever wondered how much money YouTubers make per view? According to several sources, YouTubers can make from $0.01 to $0.03 per watch with AdSense, with an average of $0.18 per view. However, the amount YouTube will pay is determined by several criteria, including:

  1. The number of views your video receives
  2. The number of clicks an ad receives
  3. Ad quality
  4. Adblockers
  5. Video length

How much money do YouTubers make every 1,000 views?

With an average pay rate of $0.01 to $0.03 per ad view on YouTube, a YouTuber can earn roughly $18 every 1,000 ad views, equating to $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views. According to Forbes, a YouTuber can make approximately $5 for every 1,000 video views if they have top talent.

Starting a YouTube channel can be a lucrative side gig, especially if you create an interesting video that draws a huge audience.

How much money does a YouTuber make per subscriber?

YouTube does not pay you depending on how many people subscribe to your channel. Subscribers are those who choose to follow your account to have quick access to your most recent videos. When you upload a video, it will appear on their webpage automatically.

Subscribers are valuable since they are the ones who are most likely to leave comments, appreciate your films, and share them with others. If you use the correct advertising, you can get more views and earn more money on YouTube. While YouTube does not pay you based on how many followers you have, the amount of ideas your videos obtain is crucial.

How to Make Money on YouTube

While it is feasible to make a considerable amount of money as a content creator on YouTube, it is not easy. Every minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube throughout the world.

Numbers aren’t deceiving. As a result, the competition is fierce, and generating a lot of money online gets more complicated. Here are some effective techniques for maximizing your earning potential on YouTube.

1. Monetization

Promoting affiliate links can be a huge moneymaker for channels that provide in-depth instructions and informative product reviews. You’ll start earning commissions if you recommend a product and a user clicks on your link to buy it. These links include your description in the first few words, and you can mention them throughout your video content.

Promoting affiliate links on your blog and posting affiliate links on YouTube have a lot in common. As a result, you shouldn’t use affiliate links in your YouTube videos just for financial gain (after all, you want your videos to be perceived as a unique material that your viewers can’t find anywhere else). Remember that readers will only click on these links if they believe you are a reliable source.

Help your visitors solve concrete problems and deliver tutorials to earn their trust and gain additional subscriptions. As a bonus, you can make videos that show how to solve problems you’ve already solved.

There are numerous affiliate programs to choose from. On a famous affiliate network like Shareasale or Awin, you can join multiple programs in one spot.

Start a blog in tandem with your channel and include affiliate connections there for the highest premium revenue. That way, you may monetize YouTube while still having a website on your platform (while keeping in mind monetization restrictions and eligibility requirements).

Getting started with Bluehost web hosting is the first step in launching a blog.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and select Get Started from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select your hosting plan ($2.95 per month with my link)
  3. Create a new website domain name or choose an existing one
  4. Fill out your account information, account plan, and billing information
  5. Uncheck the Sitelock Security and Codeguard Basic add-ons. 
  6. Click Submit, and you’re done!

2. Become a Partner and earn from video ads.

Ads are the most important source of income for many YouTubers.

You can earn money as a YouTube Partner in a variety of ways. Advertisements before your videos, channel memberships, and Google AdSense banner ads are all ways to make money.

However, there are some ground rules to follow and some qualifications to meet before being an authorized YouTube Partner. You must have 1,000 subscribers and have a minimum of 4,000 video watch hours on your channel in the last 12 months, in addition to conforming to YouTube’s ad guidelines.

There is no set schedule or format for completing these 4,000 hours. To reach 4,000 hours, you can earn 100 hours each from 40 YouTube videos or any mix of the two.

For example, Gangnam Style, a popular international song, took five months to reach 1 billion views. On the other hand, Despite became a popular video considerably faster, reaching 1 billion views in just 97 days.

You can start earning money from commercials after meeting the 4,000-hour barrier and gaining your spot as a YouTube Partner.

However, you may not always be able to rely solely on YouTube advertising to generate cash. There are a variety of ways to increase your income potential on YouTube.

It’s also a good method to make money if you do a live stream now and then. People enjoy the live element and the fact that everything is happening right now. If you have a dedicated fan base who watches your stream regularly, they will want to buy from you.

YouTube has also added the option to have a super chat and super stickers to its platform. Your YouTube Premium subscribers can use these capabilities to purchase chat messages distinct from standard ones and can be shown at the top of your chat feedback.

3. Funding from Your Fans.

Encourage your dedicated fans to crowdfund your channel if you’ve created a loyal following. It will help you fund new videos and profit.

A crowdfunding platform like Patreon makes the process of getting paid for your material more straightforward. Your fans may subscribe to their favourite channels for as little as a dollar, and they’ll even get some unique goodies from their favourite YouTube producers.

Tipee is another service that allows you to make one-time and regular gifts.

To keep their video operations running smoothly, for-profit and nonprofit channels alike utilize fan-funding with their audiences. You’ll be shocked at how your viewers open the floodgates of giving if your content is fascinating, entertaining, or valuable.

4. Master Your SEO

For video artists who haven’t yet established a substantial audience, this year is the time to pick up your game and maximize your SEO.

To do so, conduct keyword research as usual, but think about it differently based on what people are searching for on YouTube. Next, double-check that your video title, description, and tags contain high-value keywords.

Once your channel is up and running, you can look at your YouTube “Traffic Source: YouTube search” report to see what people are looking for when they come to your hosted videos.

In general, Google returns video results for phrases like “how to,” “reviews,” “tutorials,” and “funny video.”

There are also five key SEO ranking factors to consider:

  • Number of comments
  • Subscribes after watching a video
  • Thumbs up/thumbs down ratio
  • Video length
  • Click-through-rate on the search results

5. Make the most of your YouTube marketing funnel

Make your YouTube channel more sales-friendly. Choose a specialty, sign up as a YouTube partner, and start thinking about your marketing strategy.

YouTube is one way to get your message out there, but combining it with a blog can help you generate more money. You’ll be able to acquire more email addresses and potentially sell things to your fan base this way.

For instance, if you publish a blog article on an affiliate product you’re promoting, repurpose it and include a YouTube video in the post.

Then, to make commissions and grow your blog readership, send viewers from YouTube back to your site and the affiliate links. Another wonderful alternative is to sell merchandise by connecting your YouTube channel to an eCommerce platform like Shopify. Here are a few amazing YouTube merchandise stores to get ideas from.

6. Become an Amazon Influencer

Amazon’s influencer program is growing in popularity. This influencer program allows you to monetize your YouTube (and other social media) presence by recommending Amazon products.

After joining the program, you’ll be able to provide product reviews and recommendations and send your viewers to Amazon to make purchases via affiliate links. You get a portion of the commissions when your viewers click through and make an Amazon purchase – normally 8-10 percent.

Aside from product reviews, Amazon also allows content creators to promote their merchandise. It means that if someone buys your merchandise, you will receive the entire profit.

7. Explore extra gains from Red Subscribers.

Users can pay $9.99 for ad-free YouTube viewing with YouTube Red. Content providers can still earn 55% of revenue based on view time even without YouTube advertisements. Whether YouTube Red raises or decreases CPM rates has received conflicting opinions.

Your watch time matters with YouTube Red, so go to YouTube Analytics to see your statistics like watch time and video interaction.


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