How To Know If You Are Qualified For Facebook Content Monetisation In Nigeria

  • Nigeria is now one of the countries where content creators can earn money through Facebook monetisation
  • The approval was given by Meta on June 27, as Nigerians noticed that their location criteria had been ticked
  • Some are confused as to whether this gives them an automatic ticket to earn money, but there is a simple way to check

Facebook has approved Nigeria as one of the countries where content creators can earn ad revenue.

Earning money on Facebook is not that hard, but one must first qualify for it by meeting all the strict rules and following all Facebook community policies.

There are many ways to earn money from Facebook, but some people don’t know how to check if they have qualified for monetisation.

NATURENEX lists simple steps to take if one wants to know if they are qualified to monetise their content on Facebook.

1. Log into your Facebook page or professional profile

The first step is to head to Facebook and log into your professional profile or page whichever one you are posting content on.

You must be an admin of the Facebook page or profile to be able to check your eligibility for content monetisation.

2. Locate the dashboard button on your Facebook profile or page

Once you have logged in, click on your Facebook profile or page to allow you to see details about the page.

Under your profile picture, there is a bottom marked ‘professional dashboard’. Click on the dashboard button to open the creators’ professional space.

The professional dashboard contains everything you need to know as a creator on Facebook.

3. Locate the monetisation button in the dashboard

In the professional dashboard, there are several sections, so you have to scroll down to the monetisation section.

The monetisation button is under ‘tools.’ Once you click on the monetisation button, it will show all the monetisation tools available in your location.

4. Check each monetisation tool

There are different monetisation tools on Facebook and creators must qualify for each of them in various ways before they can be used to earn ad revenue.

Select the monetisation tool you wish to check. It will show you the different qualifying criteria you have met or not met.

The criteria for in-stream ads are:

You reside in an eligible country

Follow Facebook’s content monetisation policies

Have a minimum of 5000 followers

Share at least five eligible videos

Amass 60,000 minutes of views on your videos.

Each of the criteria you meet will be ticked green, while those that have yet to be met will be marked with the ‘x’ sign.

From time to time, Facebook technology checks pages and profiles in professional mode to know if they have met the criteria.

It may be possible not to meet the criteria as a new creator, but one could meet it as the page or profile grows.

Qualifying may not be easy

Speaking to on the topic, Frank Okoligan also known as Frank The Writer, a Facebook content creator said apart from the location qualification, it is still difficult to start earning if one is a new creator.

Frank who shares creative stories with his 50k followers said:

“I don’t think it’s easy to qualify for Facebook monetization unless for people who have already been creating content before now. New creators might do more to meet up.

“My advice to content creators is to stay authentic to their niche and focus on creating quality content worthy of consumption, and also maintain the rules guiding monetization policies.”


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