How To Start And Make Money With WhatsApp TV (A full Guide)

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Ever thought it was possible to make money from WhatsApp? For a few people, it’s a yes, while for many, it’s a big no. Regardless, you can make a lot of money with Whatsapp by creating what is known as a WhatsApp TV.

WhatsApp currently has over 1.2billion  users worldwide, so there are definitely ways to earn money from such a large market as WhatsApp, such by creating and managing a WhatsApp TV. 

A TV account is just a WhatsApp account set aside for posting fun and interesting content on your status to entertain and excite your viewers.

So, today we are going to discuss what exactly a WhatsApp TV is, what you are expected to do when owning a WhatsApp TV, how you can earn money from owning one, and the right steps to create a WhatsApp TV.

About WhatsApp TV

About WhatsApp TV

TV” is simply a WhatsApp account where you post content to entertain your viewers. It’s just like owning a TV station. As you know, there are different types and varieties of TV stations, right? Yes, there are some TV stations that deal basically with news and politics, some with movies, others with entertainment, e.t.c., but whatever it is, it is all just to entertain listeners and viewers. 

Similar to WhatsApp TV, you post things related to your chosen niche to keep your viewers entertained.

If you’ve been reading along, you might actually be wondering: is it just posting stuff? Is Mark Zuckerberg the one to pay me? Well, it’s not like that at all. Like I recently used a TV channel as an example, most TV channels earn from advertisement placements and sponsorship. So you can help entrepreneurs and socialites post different ads on your WhatsApp TV and charge them for the service. 

Another good thing about being a WhatsApp TV boss is that you can also promote your business (if you have one) by yourself without needing to pay others.

What You Should Know About WhatsApp TV

WhatsApp TV is definitely not a different platform. It’s just like your normal WhatsApp account. The only difference here is that the formal (WhatsApp TV Account) is used to entertain status viewers, and for you to lay claim to owning a WhatsApp TV, you are going to need a lot of viewers on your status. So, in view of this, you need lots and lots of contacts that have your WhatsApp number saved on their phones.

Once you have a large audience, you are a TV show. It’s advisable that you use WhatsApp Business due to its features.

Why Should You Use WA Business To Run Your WhatsApp TV?

Personally, as someone who currently owns a lot of WhatsApp TVs, I would advise anyone wanting to set up a WhatsApp TV to use WhatsApp Business instead of the ordinary WhatsApp. The reason is this:

  •  With WhatsApp business, your contacts can view the details and what exactly the WhatsApp TV is about themselves. You won’t find this feature on a normal WhatsApp.
  • It allows auto-reply. As you know, your viewers might want to ask some questions pertaining to either what you posted or just something they want to know. With auto reply, you get to reply to them as fast as possible, even if you are offline. It’s got customization and you can do it to your taste.
  • It allows you to add different logos or banners, which is the most important feature of any WhatsApp TV.

So, with these few things being said, I believe you now see why WhatsApp TV is better managed with a WhatsApp business app/account. The features are numerous, but the one highlighted here is crucial to your television. 

Since your TV is actually a business, go with the one WhatsApp created for business and not the normal WhatsApp, which is often used for private chats and messages.

Can I Use Both WhatsApp And WA Business On The Same Phone?

Of course, it’s very possible with different phone numbers. You can decide to use the normal WhatsApp for private chats and messages and then use the WAbusiness app for your TV but with different phone numbers.

Avoid other WhatsApp apps like GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp to avoid the risk of getting banned.

Things You Need To Do To Start Making Money On WhatsApp TV

WhatsApp TVs are actually one of the newest and easiest ways to make money online with only your mobile phone, but despite the ease we mentioned, many still find it very difficult to earn with their WhatsApp TV. 

So we are going to be revealing something you need to do in order to yield the kind of result/leads you want.

1. Choosing Your WhatsApp TV Niche

Yeah, choosing a niche should come first before doing any other thing. Many have failed woefully in this business simply because they aren’t specific. You don’t have to be a jack of all trades.

Simply, choose your own niche and focus on posting things related to it. With that, people get to know the real aim and objectives of your TV. Later on, you can add more niches, but it’s often better to focus on one and become known for it.

How To Choose The Best Niche

In choosing the best TV niche, there’s actually no best niche. It all depends on you. Choose what you love and know a lot about. You can’t choose a sports niche when you actually don’t like football. It’s not going to work. Even if it does, the rate of effectiveness will be low.

Aside from choosing a niche you love and knows much about, the most important thing is what most of your viewers love. Like for most TV, it’s often about comedy, memes, music, and other things simply because it’s something almost everyone loves. 

2. Build A Large Fan Base

When it comes to any online business, traffic is crucial. Just like with WhatsApp TV, you need plenty of viewers. You must increase your contact by updating your status. This is not rocket science. The more viewers you have, the more money you tend to earn. No one would like to advertise on a TV station with low viewership.

You can run Facebook or Google ads and link them with your TV to gain more contact. Or just employ the service of an influencer, or maybe you can create a referral contest. It’s much faster to get thousands that way.

3. Purchase A Phone With A Large Storage Capacity To Run WhatsApp TV

Though almost all Android phones, big or small, can operate WhatsApp, you really need something smarter, stronger, and with a large memory space. This is because, as you gain more viewers or contacts, if your phone’s RAM or ROM is very low, it will start to hang, but if your phone has higher RAM and ROM, you have nothing to worry about because it’s much easier with it.

4. Remember To Save Contact Information In Your Email

Often times, phone storage runs out of space as a result of too many contacts being saved. That’s where saving contacts via email comes in. 

When you save your contacts in your email, it saves space and also makes them easily accessible at anytime and anywhere. Even if you lose or change phones, you will get all your contacts back with just a few clicks.

Having explained all this about WhatsApp TV and the right approach to it, it’s time to talk about the setup and how to get your WhatsApp TV monetized.

How To Launch WhatsApp TV

It is very simple to set up a WhatsApp TV. All you need to do is to follow the right steps we listed below and you will be there.

Like I’ve said in the early paragraphs of this post, you can start a WhatsApp TV with any of the WhatsApp apps (WA Business or the normal WhatsApp). They can all do the job, but one does it better, and that’s the WA Business app. I recommend you use that.

Now follow these steps:

Step 1: Create A WhatsApp Business Account

To open a WhatsApp business account or TV, follow these procedures: 

  • Install the WA Business app from the playstore or app store to get started.
  • After installing the app, open it, click the “agree and continue” button, enter your phone number (for the TV), and then tap “next.”
  • Input your business name (preferred WhatsApp TV name) and click on Next.
  • After tapping next, your WhatsApp TV is now live.

After the process, you can now start adding your images or logo, business name, description, and a few other important things. 

Sub-tip: Just add a full description of what your WhatsApp Television is all about, create links to share with people, and ask anyone that messages you through your link to save your contact as (your WhatsApp TV name).

How To Make Money From WhatsApp TV

I believe, by now, you must have learnt how to create a WhatsApp TV. The next important step is the monetization aspect, which is probably the core reason for your deciding to own a WhatsApp TV.

Often times, when people hear of monetizing particular online content, what really comes to the minds of most people is whether they are going to be paid by Meta for owning a WhatsApp TV, just like Google pays YouTubers and bloggers. But it’s quite different on Whatsapp. You control and own your business and are not being paid by anyone. So the ball is in your court. Are you going to do it right or just fold your arms and expect dollar bills to fall from the sky? 

Nonetheless, I personally recommend you follow all the instructions highlighted below.

1. Begin Displaying Advertisements On your WhatsApp Status

Once you start getting enough views on your status, you can start telling your viewers they can place their ads on your status at a fixed price. 

If you are yet to get enough contact, it’s advisable you don’t because anyone wanting to place ads will want to know the viewership statistics of your TV to know if their advert will actually reach a great figure. If your contacts are still low, I suggest you just continue entertaining viewers, sharing your links, and getting more contacts.

2. Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

For an affiliate marketer, owning a WhatsApp TV is actually a big advantage as you get to share your affiliate link on your status and persuade people to buy a particular product (not yours) which you can earn an affiliate commission from by signing up with affiliate programs. For example, an affiliate marketer on a program like Expertnaire can just recommend a particular product that solves a particular problem.

3. Start Selling Your Own Products

As someone that owns a WhatsApp TV, you might also consider selling your products on Whatsapp by sharing your ads on your status. It could be a big win for you as long as you have plenty of viewers. I recommend selling products like e-books, recharge cards, airtime, and others. It’s actually a good one to start with if you don’t have a physical product.

How To Attract Massive Views On Your WhatsApp Status (Tips To Get More Status Views)

Owning a TV on Whatsapp should be just that. It is yours alone. The big question is, do you have many viewers? What are you earning from your TV? If your answer is NO to these two questions, then I suggest you pay close attention to the tips through which you can get more viewers to view your status on Whatsapp. And as for the earning aspect, it all depends on the number of viewers you have. So check these tips out.

1. Use Social Media

Using social media can really help boost your WhatsApp TV as you can run Facebook ads linked to your WhatsApp directly.

You can also provide answers to some people’s questions on a post on Facebook or any other platform and use that opportunity to persuade them to join your WhatsApp TV.

2. Post Regularly On Your WhatsApp TV Status 

It’s actually the best way to get your viewers engaged. You just have to drop at least one post every day. Viewers might take your WhatsApp TV as an unserious and boring one if you don’t post frequently. 

Don’t make your status boring by getting the latest content and posts. And you can do little giveaways too, just to keep viewers engaged and glued to your WhatsApp TV.

 3. Make Contact With Popular WhatsApp TV 

It’s good that you also reach out to other WhatsApp TVs that have gained popularity and have tons of viewers to promote their WhatsApp TV and ask their members to also join yours. You can reach an agreement with WhatsApp TV, though they might charge you for that.

 4. Run A Referral Contest

Another expensive but effective way to increase the number of people who see your status is to hold a referral contest.

By so doing, your viewers tend to invite their friends to join your WhatsApp TV. Here you have to set an amount to win for contestants with the highest referrals. Note that this might cost you a price, but the leads it turns in will definitely be high.

 5. Include Your Logo And Thumbnails In Your Posts At All Times

Yes, it’s also very important that you always add this so that wherever your posts reach, they can know the content is from this particular TV show. Not only that, it makes people familiar with the name.

However, just like other successful WhatsApp TVs, your thumbnail on every post should also go with your phone number so that if people repost your content on their own WhatsApp status, people who find the content interesting can actually want to join your TV and can do so by just copying and saving the contacts without the hassles of links and stuff like that.

List Of Successful WhatsApp TVs In Nigeria

The main reason why people join WhatsApp TV is purposely to get the latest info, gists, and, in general, to get entertained.

In this 2022, where there are flocks of WhatsApp TV you want to join, you don’t join simply because others are doing it.

This list I’m about to share is actually the list of our favorites, and they are considered to be some of the WhatsApp TVs with the highest viewership and fan engagement.

  1. LXG (League of Xtraordinary Gurus)
  2. Pot TV Media 
  3. Funyard TV
  4. Trendz TV
  5. Jolly TV, to name a few. 

These individuals, as well as a few others who have gone unmentioned, achieved success simply by taking the appropriate steps and approaches. You can do and achieve more too.

 Final Thought

Creating or owning a WhatsApp TV is a full-scale job on its own if taken seriously and managed effectively. This is because WhatsApp TV is one of the greatest initiatives through which one can earn big online. It’s not just you creating it. Good management is key to the way you manage any business. 

You should always update your status with exciting content. I hope this post helps you in your search to earn money by owning a WhatsApp TV.

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