I Am ‘Sorry’ For Wearing A Swimsuit To The Pool As A Married Woman – Simi Apologizes To Fans

Popular Nigerian singer, Simi has responded to those criticising her for wearing a swimsuit to a pool party as a married woman.

Speaking via a humourous Instagram post, the singer apologised for her choice of attire, adding that she was not thinking and should have known better.

The mother of one subsequently promised those displeased with her attire that she would wear a kaftan to the next pool party as a sign of respect for her husband.

Simi said: “I just came here feeling repentant; yesterday I went to the swimming pool and I wore a swimsuit, guys, and I’m just so sorry. Honestly, I just wasn’t thinking; I didn’t think.

“My friend told me, ‘Sims, you can’t wear a swimsuit at the pool; you’re married’. I should have known better; I didn’t know better, and I’m sorry. Next time I go to the swimming pool, as a sign of respect to my husband, I will wear a kaftan. I will do better than the best. I don’t want to disappoint you.”

Simi also encouraged her followers to support her music, saying, “If nothing, please stream my album Lost and Found, because I was lost at the pool and now I’m found.”


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