“I Believe In Biafra – Enugu Governor Reveals His Stand About Biafra

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According to the report from the Sun, the deputy governor of Enugu State, Ifeanyi Ossai, emphasized the importance of economic development for the Igbo community. While acknowledging the sacrifices made by individuals for Ndigbo, he advocated for a shift towards economic advancement, highlighting the need to revitalize the Igbo economy through infrastructure projects like the rail system and the utilization of seaports.

Ossai urged South-East states to prioritize economic growth and leverage their resources, such as coal deposits, to unlock the region’s potential and reduce dependence on marginalization discourse.

He said, “Governor Mbah commends those who sacrifice for Ndigbo, including those living and dead. The Biafra War is over. I believe in Biafra, but the Biafra I believe in is economic Biafra. Let us seek ways of reviving the Igbo economy. The past administration made the rail system a part of the concurrent list. South-East states should key into this.

Why are our seaports not working? Oguta ports, and Ibom seaport, among others, can serve a huge purpose. We must think economy. We can’t after about sixty years of the civil war continue to be talking about marginalization. Let’s unleash the potential in us. I’m not saying that the nation’s political configuration is in our favor if the Jews broke away and liberated themselves, we can replicate the same. We can use our rich coal deposits to open up our rural communities and farms.”

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