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Former Vice Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Yusuf Baba-Ahmed, has hit back at Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, over his comment that Peter Obi, LP’s presidential candidate, was unfit to lead the country.

Baba-Ahmed said that he could say a few things to Soyinka that could destroy him for good but he wouldn’t say that.

According to him, intellect doesn’t give Soyinka the right to insult anybody.

Recall that Soyinka had said that Obi’s failure to reign on his supporters attacking others with opposing views online was a pointer that he is unfit to lead a country like Nigeria.

The literary icon also accused Obi of encouraging ‘Obidients’ to attack him and others with opposing views online.

However, while responding to Soyinka’s comment, Friday, on Arise Television, Baba-Ahmed said what Soyinka was doing was an attempted distraction, adding that he wouldn’t not join issues with him.

“The learned elder statesman, Prof Wole Soyinka is scared in advance about what good Peter Obi will bring to Nigeria. He’s scared in advance that the end is still looking very likely for his principal, for bad governance.

“What Wole Soyinka is doing now is an attempted distraction, which I beg you excuse me from joining issues with Wole Soyinka, please.

“You and I have much better things to do. For all I know, he could continue to throw punches at my principal, at me, as small as I am. If he continues to do that, all I can do is to grieve in my heart and continue to pray for him.

“You see, intellect doesn’t give you the right to insult anybody. I remember this Soyinka insulting late General Abacha, insulting him to the core that he was daft. Nothing gives him the right to do that. Abacha was not an academic. He was a soldier for God’s sake. And a good soldier in his own way in his own right.

“I beg you, let’s push Soyinka and his likes aside; we have better things to talk about.

“Nobel Laureates are loved and cherished by their people. Soyinka keeps getting insulted, and it is his responsibility to maintain his dignity and respect, not Peter Obi’s.

“I could say a few things to Wole Soyinka that could destroy him for good, but I wouldn’t say that.”

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