“I Didn’t Kill Them Because Of Money” – Suspect Reveals Why He Killed Elderly Couple

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The police have arrested Jonathan Marcus, a driver, in connection with the savage killing of an elderly couple, Adebola Ezekiel and his wife Abiodun, aged 80 and 79 respectively. The couple was discovered lifeless in their Apo apartment in Abuja, their throats slashed with daggers, according to The Nation’s report.

Bennett Igweh, the Commissioner of Police for the FCT, revealed that the gruesome event took place on April 1 at the couple’s home in Apo Legislative Quarters, Abuja. Igweh showcased Marcus and other suspects during the parade.

During an interview with reporters, Marcus, a resident of Maiduguri, described his reasons for the killings. He stated that his relationship with the couple, whom he frequently chauffeured as a mechanic, soured over financial disagreements and job interference. Marcus claimed that despite his long tenure, the husband didn’t sufficiently pay him, which caused financial difficulties for his family.

Marcus explained that he became increasingly frustrated when the couple interfered with his mechanic work and ignored his financial needs, reaching a breaking point. He shared that despite his complaints, the husband dismissed his concerns with religious clichés, refusing to acknowledge his struggles.

In regards to the crime, Marcus confessed to fatally stabbing the couple with a knife, then taking the husband’s ATM card and wallet before fleeing. He expressed remorse for killing the wife, stating, “I didn’t intend to kill her, but she was present when I went to harm her husband.”

Hear him speak: “I did not want to kill the wife, but she was around on that day I went to kill her husband. I did not kill them because of money; I killed them because of the way they did not allow me to do my mechanic work and their behavior towards me. I had been driving him for more than 10 years, but the man never helped me with even N50,000. I killed them out of frustration.

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