‘I Feel Sad When People Say That The Igbos Where Defeated In The Civil War’ – Dr. Iwuanyanwu

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Chief Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Inwuanyanwu, a Nigeria Politician and Billionaire has spoken with some Nigeria Youths at the Nnamdi Azikiwe remembrance conference meeting. Dr. Emmanuel made a reference to the role in which Zik played during the Civil War between Nigeria and Biafra.

As one of the ground soldiers for Biafra at that time, he gave an account of the incidents and why War should no longer occur in Nigeria. 

He highlighted that in the first instance, Nigeria never wanted to go to war and that Biafra on their own end also didn’t go to Aburi to secede from the country. According to him, the misunderstanding and disagreement in Aburi escalated to War.

However, Dr. Emmanuel lamented that it saddened his heart when he hears that the Igbos were defeated in the Civil War. He pointed out that the conflict ended because there was an agreement between Nigeria and Biafra. 

He said, ”I feel sad when people say that the Igbos were defeated in the Civil War, most of my colleague who died cannot be happy to hear people say we were defeated. The major thing is that every War must end in negotiation, there is no need for War. We shouldn’t fight for war. It was Zik who ended the war and we are happy to have Gowon, he was a reasonable President and, he came to the realization that there is a need to treasure Igbos.’

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