“I Have Been Living With A Ghost”: Nigerian Mother Of 3 Finds Out Her Lover Died Years Ago

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A scary story shared via Twitter has revealed how a Nigerian woman discovered that her lover was a spirit.

The young woman had been living together with the young man and even had three children with him.

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However, she finally became interested in knowing his family members. After dribbling her for a while, the man finally left a note for her containing his address.

She travelled down to his village and found out that he had died two years before she gave birth to their first child.

Peace Igho who shared the story via Twitter said:

“Ok! So this woman in my area just discovered that her husband for years is a spirit! They’ve got 3 kids yo! Jesus Christ!

“She said she got pregnant for him while they were dating. Then they moved to my area. He bought a land and built a house. His neighbours said he doesn’t speak to anyone except his family. And he always walks alone.

“So now after 3kids, she started demanding aggressively to see his family. He said they were in the village that he will take her there. He then gave her lots of money to go to the market to buy things they would take home to his family.

“He would always get in. And when she asks, he will say the door was not locked. She opened his wardrobe and it was filled with money. She took the money and left with the kids. And put the house up for sale.

“Oh I guess I mistakenly deleted a tweet, were I tweeted that when she got back from the market, she met a note he wrote apologizing for his absence and his address in the village.

“She travelled to the east with the kids, located his house and explained who she was but They said it wasn’t possible cos he died 2yrs before she gave birth to their first child. And they showed her his grave. I dunno how I missed this part. I swear I tweeted it.”

Social media reactions

Joke Fife wrote:

“I thought this only happens in Nollywood until I experienced it myself. This thing is real.”

Johnson Mk commented:

“Thanks for sharing. I do think most times I hear this kind of story that they are just fictions or Nollywood movies and don’t have reality element!”

Victoria Gareth stated:

“True I ve experienced this one of my friend told me his brother he lived with for 3 years was a spirit. It was when he finally called his mom that they made peace and she told him the brother was late.”

Derek Matthew added:

“I hv been living with a ghost too yrs ago and it was devastating when I found out. I wasn’t myself for yrs.”

See tweet below:

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