I Saw Placards Saying “Say No To Drug Dealers” In Reference To BAT’s Activities In Chicago – Cookson

While speaking on the Arise TV morning show, the Arise TV correspondent, John Cookson, reacted to the presence of some oppositions who gathered at the front of the Graham House when the APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was giving his presentation. On Monday, some protesters who held various placards gathered in front of Graham House to protest against Tinubu’s presidency.

As regards this, John Cookson stated that he saw them, adding that some of them held placards with an inscription saying “No to drug dealers” on them. He further stated that the USA is aware of all those allegations against him, adding that they have all been denied.

According to him, “I did, at the corner of my eye, notice some opposition holding placards saying “No To Drug Dealers,” which was a reference to an investigation many years ago into Tinubu’s activities in Chicago, all of which have always been denied.”


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