“I Was Humiliated Because I Tried To Serve Nigeria” – Sule

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Former Governor Sule Lamidu, a chieftain of the PDP and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, has recounted being subjected to humiliation and derogatory labels during his tenure while attempting to serve Nigeria.

Lamido made this disclosure in an interview with Arise TV where he spoke about why he would not give any advice to the ruling APC. He asserted that having been labeled negatively during his own tenure, providing advice to those who once criticized him seems counterintuitive.

In Lamido’s words: “I was humiliated, I was called a devil, I went through agony because I tried to serve Nigeria. Now they are in power and you are asking me to advise them and tell them what? What do I say? Because I was there before and they said I am not good, you are asking me to give them bad advice. Tell your president, tell Tinubu, you voted for him go and tell him that you have some problem but I can not talk to him. Sule will not talk to him because Sule is PDP and PDP is everything evil”.

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