“I Was R@ped In Front Of My Husband And He Wants To Divorce Me Because I Enjoyed It”

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Janet, a banker in her early 30s, has shared her story of being räped in front of her husband and now facing a messy divorce.

Janet, who was a virgin when she married her husband, had never experienced orgasm or climax until she was rαped.

The incident occurred when the couple was visiting her husband’s village during the Easter period.

Armed robbers raided their home and after collecting all the valuables, the leader of the gang rãped Janet while her husband was tied to a chair. Janet was surprised to find that she enjoyed the experience and even had her first orgasm.

However, her husband was furious and accused her of being a prostιtute. He beat her severely and left her in the hospital for two weeks. When Janet was discharged, she found divorce papers waiting for her to sign. Despite her efforts to reconcile with her husband, he refused to forgive her.

Here’s the full storyline

“My name is Janet, I am a banker in my early 30s and going through a messy divorce. I married my husband as a virgin. I have never been with any man but him until I was raped. I didn’t know anything about orgasm, climax or what have you because i have never experienced it. 8 years of marriage with a miserable sex life. i have two children from my marriage.

“It happens that we travelled to my husband village during Easter period. While in his country home by 1 am in the night our house was raided by armed robbers a gang of 7 members.

“It was a very terrifying experience, after collecting all the valuables at home, the leader turned to rąpe me. The leader tied my husband to a chair, tore my clothe and went on to show me his manhood that he will use it on me.

“I was frightened, i begged him and cried but he wouldn’t listen. It was a rápe that cost me my marriage. As the guy was entering me, I was supposed to feel pains but that wasn’t so. I felt a kind of electrifying sensation that I have never felt in my whole life. I screamed oh my God, as he started pounding on me I didn’t know when I was holding him hard and begging him not to stop to the amazement of others, I was enjoying being raped by a criminal.

“I was told I was screaming very hard when I wanted to cum. Yes, I had my first orgasm through ræpe and since then my life hasn’t been the same. The robber took me two rounds which I came both times. I don’t know what happened, if it was my village people that pursued me, but all I can say is that I haven’t had such with my husband. My husband gave me the beatings of my life after the robbers left.

‘He called me unprintable names, i am a prostitute, he didn’t know I was an Ashawo. He can’t marry an Ashawo. i was hospitalized for two weeks as a result of that incident and his beatings

“My husband left me at the hospital and travelled back to our home. i was damaged. how could such a thing happen to me? who was responsible for me enjoying being raped and even Cuming as a result of it?

“How could i even enjoy such act of cruelty on my body? these were the question i kept asking myself. When i got discharged i met a divorce papers waiting for me to sign. I tried begging my husband, involved my parents but he swore not to let go.

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