I Will Disown My Son If He Marries A Yoruba Woman. He Will Lose His Inheritance

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A father has taken a controversial stance, threatening to disown his son if he marries a Yoruba woman, claiming it would jeopardize the son’s inheritance. Mr. John, a concerned father, issued this ultimatum in response to the turmoil witnessed during the last Lagos gubernatorial election.

“I will disown my son if he marries a Yoruba woman, and he will lose his inheritance,” Mr. John stated firmly. “I don’t want him to experience what Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour went through during the election just because his mother was from a different tribe.”

Mr. John elaborated, saying, “In the past, I believed that the concept of state of origin should be removed from our constitution. But the recent Lagos Guber election made me realize that people like Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour face discrimination because both parents aren’t from the same tribe.”

On the other side of the argument, Daddy Freeze, a popular broadcaster, countered, “Parents should raise their children to be detribalized. We need to start by letting them marry whoever they choose, not who we, the parents, want for them.”

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