I Will Meet Them At The Point Where They Are Learning Qur’an And Teach Them Skills – Peter Obi

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One of the leading candidates for the upcoming general presidential election in 2023, Peter Obi, recently declared in public that he would visit Muslim children at their place of learning and teach them skills.

“You will be amazed to find that those out of children have the complete Quran in their mind,” said the speaker who made this claim in a lecture and who also published it on Twitter. “When they are studying the Qur’an, I will meet them there and impart knowledge to them.”

The election for president in 2023 will pit the old politics of theft and corruption against the new ones of integrity and public service. If given the chance, this man has a lot to offer the nation for the good of all.

This has also sparked a variety of responses among people. Please take a look at the video below and provide your feedback in the space provided.



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