If You Don’t Want To Accept Cheating As A Woman, Another Woman Will Inherit Your Husband – Blessing CEO

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A lot of women go through stress and heartbreak just because they want to be completely sure that their husbands are not cheating. They check their spouse’s phones secretly and fight with other women who are suspected to have an affair with them.

Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has cautioned women who engage in such stress in the name of preventing their husbands from cheating.

According to her, a woman who doesn’t accept cheating will pass away and another woman will inherit her husband. She advised people to bury the idea that they can possess their spouses.

Blessing CEO in a live video said;

“Cheating will never stop in relationships and marriages. A lady asked me that is it that men cannot stop cheating but it is not exclusive to men alone; women also cheat. Women cheat more and they are smart cheaters.

If you don’t want to accept cheating as a woman, another woman will inherit your husband. Men are not biscuits, you cannot possess anyone.

If you try to possess your spouse, you will look older than your age or die young. People only belong to you by choice and they will leave by choice. The biggest problem we have is thinking we can possess a human being.”

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