Igbo: What We Must Do To Solve Nigeria’s Problem – Prophet Joshua (VIDEO)

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Prophet Joshua Iginla, the esteemed founder and senior pastor of the Champions Royal Assembly, has recently taken to his official YouTube page to convey an important message regarding the solution to Nigeria’s problems.

In a Video, he emphasized the significance of including the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria’s planning and decision-making processes. He stated, “If we must solve Nigeria’s problem, the Igbos must not be removed. They are part of Nigeria. Include them in the planning and in the brain plan of Nigeria. Wise men from the East.”

Backing his statement, Prophet Iginla highlighted the reputation of individuals from the Eastern region, referring to them as wise men. He cited historical references, such as the story of Abraham, to support his claim that wisdom often emanates from the East. He debunked any notion of tribal distinction, asserting that wisdom transcends geographical boundaries.

Furthermore, Prophet Iginla underscored the contributions of the Igbo people to the Nigerian economy and society. He suggested that entrusting them with responsibilities related to the economy would yield positive outcomes.

Also, Prophet Joshua Iginla’s advocates for inclusivity and recognizes the importance of leveraging the wisdom and potential of all ethnic groups, particularly the Igbo community, in addressing Nigeria’s challenges.

Watch Short Clip HERE, (Watch from the beginning)

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