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A Nigerian influencer Ifeanyi Eze in delivers a compelling perspective on success and career development. Eze’s recent Facebook post challenges the conventional wisdom surrounding full-time university education, particularly for teenagers who have completed high school without sponsorship.

However, Eze brings real-world experience and a fresh outlook to the table. His post revolves around the idea of thinking outside the box, advocating for practical skills acquisition and strategic career moves over the traditional academic route.

In his post, Eze encourages the young teenagers to consider alternative paths to success rather than opting for full-time university education.

He suggests enrolling in practical crafts and handiwork with a focus on high-return investments, like real skills acquisition over conventional choices like graphic design.

His post Reads;

“Think outside the box.

“As a teenager that just completed high school and you don’t have a sponsor, instead of going for FULL time university, I encourage you to enroll in craft and handiwork.

Choose a craft with high return on investment. Real handwork not ‘graphic design.’ It may be drug vending, nursing assistantship, household electricals, building design, sales, advanced digital marketing, heavyduty automobile repairs… a REAL handwork.

Learn for two years, then set up or join a company.

While working, enroll in Open University, if you really need the degree. As a working class guy, you will notice that the course you would choose will be something RELEVANT to the marketplace…

You may likely choose courses in logistics, business management, finance and accounting, engineering, tech, healthcare administration or law. Your approach to schooling will be different.

Secure your future EARLY… do NOT spend 5 yrs in university on empty pocket and no hope of job. That rat race is not a good idea.

Do NOT be like Maduka that graduated at 25 and started looking for non-existent jobs. The worst part is that Maduka didn’t even take his studies seriously. He thought university days are for “flexing”. He came out with weak results, empty brainn, no relevant improvements, no profitable skills.

But you, comrade, you have skills, you have experience in the jungle…. you know how money works.

With your certificate from Open University, you can compete for international opportunities. You can use your degree from Open University to study in Harvard or Cambridge. You have skills also!

Think outside the box.

If you try to follow what I just said, you are thinking with a NEW box. You don’t need that. Trash my opinion. Look at yourself and analyze your options… then make your own moves. Think WITHOUT referencing any box.

That’s what you need to do!

May God give us understanding.

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