Israel’s Military Set To Invade Lebanon After Recent Attack

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In light of escalating tensions between Israel and Lebanon, Israel’s army chief Major General Herzi Halevi has made a statement claiming that the Israeli military is prepared for an offensive on the border with its neighboring country.

According to a report by Al Jazeera, Halevi emphasized that Israel is “approaching the point where a decision will have to be made” regarding further actions against Lebanese group Hezbollah. This comes after weeks of intense bombing by the Israeli military on what they say are Hezbollah’s infrastructures in southern Lebanon. In response, Hezbollah has also launched attacks on northern Israel.

In a recent statement shared on Telegram, Hezbollah warned that any expansion of the war in southern Lebanon would result in devastating consequences for Israel. However, Halevi remains resolute in his stance and stated that Hezbollah has already paid a heavy price in recent months.

Furthermore, he declared that the Israeli military is nearing a “decision point” and is fully prepared to take offensive measures if necessary. He emphasized that extensive training has been conducted to ensure readiness for any potential conflicts in the north.

The tension between these two countries has been ongoing for years and it seems to be reaching a boiling point. The international community watches anxiously as any further escalation could have dire consequences for both sides.

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