Korra Obidi Blasted Over Unclad Carnival Outfit (Video)

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Controversial dancer, Korra Obidi has been lambasted on social media over her choice of dressing to the Caribbean Islands carnival.

Korra left nothing hidden in the video she shared online.

Fans slammed her, accusing her of setting a bad example for her children.

“I love the Caribbean Islands! I love Carnival! They say, go where you are loved. ???? I felt loved, not judged and seen ❤️,” she captioned the video.

Reactions trailing outfit of Korra Obidi to carnival

able_god0002 said: “Na this same thing, you want your daughters to come and see online ? Well you’re a content creator . Don’t let your kids see this side of you . That’s what your ex is fighting for.”

beatrice.bolando noted: “One day you will want to pull these kind of posts down’ and erase them.a time is coming honey.”

asa_igbonile1 penned: “As long as you are not my family member I support you.”

life_essence2718 opined: “Yessss we’ll take you if the Nigerians keep on refusing you!”

iam_anastecia reacted: “You’re a beautiful lady, people should understand that this lady is a performer and an artist . Different lifestyle for us regularl folks. So I Don’t understand the insults.”

egohalt wrote: “Go where you are loved and continue doing that which you love! The world ???? will adjust!”

kizzydedeaux added: “The carnival is a cultural event. This is how we dress and wear a big beautiful costumes on top of that all around the world. She’s not doing anything out of order. She fits right in get some understanding.”

Watch the video HERE

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