Lady, 60, ‘faithfully Served’ ‘God Of MFM’ For Years Regrets, Says She Is Single

  • A 60-year-old Nigerian woman has expressed regret about the state of her life after devoting years to serving the ‘God of MFM’
  • The woman lamented being single and unmarried and revealed she has not slept with any man all her life
  • According to someone who shared the lady’s story, her pastor once rejected a man she loved because he was not born-again

A Nigerian woman, 60, is now in regrets after serving the ‘God of MFM’ for years.

A Facebook user, Maureen Badejo, said the unhappy woman shared her sad story with her.

Church woman still unmarried

The church woman reportedly realised that all her faith over the years was built on deception and that nothing was from God.

The woman lamented that she is single, without kids and has never slept with any man in her life. Maureen wrote:

“A sister shared her experience with me today; she is 60 years old and faithfully serves the God of MFM; she does not have children or marry; she remains a virgin. She is a professional who contributes a significant tithe and offering.

“She only recently realised that all of her faith over the years was based on deception, and that nothing comes from God Almighty, but rather from Babalawo, the source of power. foundation and spiritual support.

“She broke down and cried, telling me that there are many women in this church around the world in a similar situation now that it is too late. They deceived her over the years. It is unfortunate that I can not help her. How can we help such a Christian in this situation?”

Pastor rejected her suitor

Speaking further, Maureen revealed the woman’s pastor once rejected her university lover because he was not a Christian.

“This is an extremely deep story. The pastor rejects the man she once loved at university because he is not a born-again Christian.

“She wanted to do IVF, but they told her she needed to wait for God’s timing, which is not biblical, even though their pastor did the same IVF. She just discovered. The majority of those doctrines are all deception.”

Reactions trail MFM lady’s plight

Odunuga Michael said:

“If she eventually die virgin, she may not get to heaven because she has unknowingly disobeyed the first order of God that says ” Go into the world have dominion and multiply yagayaga.”

Abiodun Odesola said:

“What all these things are teaching us is not to anoint anyone as our father in the Lord. Only Jesus should be our Father and He’s enough and sufficient for us.”

Theo Shittu said:

“Let her forgive herself and move on.

“She can adopt a child or even two. Life isn’t about how one starts, it is about how it ends.

“It is never too late for her.”

Imuse Sandra said:

“Her problem is she does not have a mind of her own. U don’t need anybody to take life decisions for u. Well, it’s not too late she can go for adoption. It’s not a sin.”

Adeola Deborah Idowu said:

“Tell her to have a personal relationship with God. God can still turn her life around. Does she have a relationship with God? Serving God and worshipping God is not all about singing and dancing or being a worker in the church, does her life worship God, does she live for God? Romans 12:1-2.I tell you, there is nothing God can not do. Yes, God can still turn her life around. Give her a husband and children. Amen.”

Recently, many people have taken to social media to share their experiences with church doctrines and their impact on their lives.

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