Lady Into Grave Interior Decor Goes Viral As She Advertises Her Business Online

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A daring lady has caught the attention of social media users over her grave interior decoration occupation.

The lady, @sharongrave_eventsdecor, runs the rare business in Jamaica with her team.

Her TikTok page has several videos showing different grave interior designs. In one of her videos, which hit over a million views, the lady did a voice-over advertising her business outfit.

@sharongrave_eventsdecor noted that paying attention to key details sets her team apart. She added that customer satisfaction is their utmost priority.

“Quality service in fine style!” her viral clip was captioned.

In another case of burial uniqueness, a Nigerian family ordered a spinning casket for their late mother.

Watch the video below:

Netizens amused by the grave interior business

user7618958559925 said:

“Allahu akbar this is serious, we will hav the best satisfaction from Allah when we hav good deed an the mercy of Allah upon us.”

Ñõblé Çõmrãdé Éãzí said:

“I will love to have a wifi,a power bank and an air conditioner.”

Khadijah Nazir said:

“Subhana Allah .

“Oh My all these decos are useless to Allah/God.

“All u need is all ur good deeds that’s all.”

mohammedb1635 said:

“All you need is your good deeds and your family,s prayer,s that alone will bring you and give you the ultimate never ending rewards Ameen.”

mrmanneh1 said:

“Even if you add air conditioners in the grave what matters is good deeds.”


“Long live to i and everyone watching this video iseeee oo.”

YoursEver said:

“Can we get a review from the dead? Like how the experience is.”

Shaz said:

“This is just for a show, it brings no value than useless expense, can’t believe humans go this length…”

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