Lawmakers Gather To Welcome Fubara As New Rivers Local Government Chairperson

According to LEADERSHIP NEWS, In a historic move, 60 lawmakers from the state legislature gathered today to honor and congratulate Mr. Fubara on his appointment as the new chairperson of the Rivers Local Government Caretaker Committee. The atmosphere was one of excitement and hope, as Fubara took the oath of office and pledged to serve the people with integrity and dedication.

The governor of the state, who was present at the ceremony, spoke highly of Fubara’s qualifications and stated that he was confident in his ability to lead the local government towards progress and development. He also urged the committee to work closely with the state government in implementing policies and programs that will benefit the citizens of Rivers.

Speaking on behalf of the lawmakers, the Speaker of the House expressed their support and commitment to work with Fubara and his team in achieving the goals set for the local government. He emphasized the importance of unity and cooperation in ensuring smooth governance and delivering on the promises made to the people.

Fubara, in his acceptance speech, expressed his gratitude for the trust placed in him and promised to work tirelessly to improve the lives of the people in the local government. He highlighted his plans to prioritize education, healthcare, and infrastructure development in his tenure.

The new caretaker committee chairmen were also congratulated by various community leaders and members of the public who attended the event. They expressed their confidence in Fubara’s leadership and urged him to be a voice for the people.

As the ceremony came to an end, the atmosphere was still filled with excitement and optimism for the future of the local government under Fubara’s leadership. The gathering of lawmakers and community leaders symbolized a united front towards progress and development, and it is without a doubt that Fubara’s appointment has been well-received by all.

We wish Mr. Fubara and the new caretaker committee all the best in their endeavors to better the lives of the people in Rivers. Congratulations once again!


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