“Light Choke”: Aba Residents Celebrate 48 Hours Of Uninterrupted Power Supply

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The people of Aba, Abia State, are jubilant as they mark 48 hours of continuous electricity supply, a significant milestone attributed to the operationalization of the Geometric Power Plant.

This achievement follows the activation of one of the four turbines at the plant, ushering in a period of uninterrupted power supply in various parts of Aba.

Chude, a resident, captured the essence of this development in a video shared online, showcasing the elation among residents experiencing round-the-clock electricity.

In the video, a lady joyfully exclaims in both English and Igbo, “Light choke, Aba to the world,” highlighting the newfound abundance of electricity in the city.

The inauguration of the Geometric Power Plant by President Bola Tinubu marked a pivotal moment, occurring two decades after its inception by Barth Nnaji, a former Minister of Power.

Governor Alex Otti emphasized that this project signifies the power to dream, positioning Aba as an attractive hub for local and international businesses due to its enhanced infrastructure and energy reliability.

With this remarkable progress in power supply, Aba emerges as a beacon of development and investment opportunities within Nigeria, setting a promising trajectory for its future growth and prosperity.

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