LP CRISIS: Peter Obi Speaking On Leaving

Former presidential aspirant of the Labour Party, LP, Faduri Oluwadare Joseph, has challenged the party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi, to vacate the party if he can’t unite members.

Two factional groups, respectively led by Julius Abure and Apapa Lamidi, had been claiming supremacy over the national chairmanship.

Also, the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, has been claiming ownership of LP.

Amid this battle for supremacy, Abure was reelected in a controversial national convention organised in Anambra State.

In a statement he issued on Friday, Faduri urged Obi to ensure that the party does not collapse but remains stronger as an alternative opposition party in the country.

According to Faduri: “Enough is enough! Let’s bury the hatchet and work together for the purpose of bringing good governance to our nation. This is a nation, in my own slogan, where we have everything but lack everything.

“If Mr Peter Obi cannot bring the party together, he should leave. I call on all well-meaning Nigerians with genuine hearts to rescue our party so we can rescue this nation. Nigerians need us.

“Labour Party is the only alternative party Nigerians are looking up to. Thus, we must move this nation from the old to a new generation through a change of leadership.

“If the leaders in Labour Party cannot find a common ground to come together, I beg all of them to leave the party and let us rebuild this party with the help of NLC and Nigerians from the grassroots up and we will stand to challenge anyone, any government, by 2027.”


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