Luxembourg Is Offering Work Visas For Skilled Foreigners And Companies Are Hiring

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Luxembourg is a small landlocked European country surrounded by Belgium, France, and Germany. Its capital, Luxembourg City, is famed for its fortified medieval townships. 

The country has three official languages – Luxembourgish, French, and German. The country’s cuisine is also a fusion of the three cultures. Luxembourgers own the most cars, and the country produces award-winning wines.

From an economic standpoint, the small European country stands out. It has had the highest minimum wage and the lowest unemployment rate in Europe for the past 40 years. Also, nearly half of the population are immigrants. For instance, Luxembourg’s entire population consists of 525,000 inhabitants, with about 43% being foreign residents.

The good thing is that the country can sponsor work visas for Third World Country nationals under the following conditions:

Highly qualified workers 

To get a work permit, highly qualified workers from Third World Countries should:

Present an employment contract for a highly qualified position with a term of a year or more.

Present a document proving that they possess the high professional qualifications required for the activity or sector mentioned in the employment contract or that they meet the requirements to carry out the regulated profession indicated in the employment contract.

Be offered a salary of at least 1.5 times the average gross annual salary (EUR 78,336 in 2019) or at least equivalent to 1.2 times the Luxembourg average gross annual salary (EUR 62,668.80 in 2019) for work in one of the professions for which the government has noticed a particular need for third-country nationals.

If National Employment Agency (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi – ADEM).

The employer must sign a contract with the third-country national. The contract may include a let-out clause specifying that the employment contract will not take effect until the work permit has been obtained.

The employer must provide the original ADEM certificate to the third-country national, who must enclose it with their work permit application.

How to Apply 

Before commencing work in Luxembourg, third-country nationals must make a written application for a work permit to the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Applicants must indicate their surname(s) and first name(s) as well as their exact address in their country of residence. They must also enclose the following with their application:

copy of their valid passport,

an authorisation to stay issued by another EU Member State or country treated as such (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland).

a recent household composition certificate or recent certificate of residence from their country of residence; a curriculum vitae; diplomas or professional qualifications.

an employment contract compliant with Luxembourg labour law, dated and signed by both the applicant and the employer.

the original, recent certificate issued by ADEM authorising the employer to recruit the individual of their choice for the declared job vacancy.

where applicable, a recent certificate of affiliation to the Luxembourg Joint Social Security Centre for the spouse/registered partner or the ascendant (parent)

Points to note

Power of attorney: third-country nationals may mandate a third party (e.g. the future employer) to submit the application in their place.

The documents enclosed must be originals or certified true copies (except for passports and diplomas, for which plain copies will suffice).

If the documents are not drawn up in German, French or English, an official translation by a sworn translator must be attached.

Only complete applications will be processed. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.

The time required for a response from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is generally three months.

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