Man Drops Vital Update As Tapswap Says It Won’t Launch On Solana

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  • A man has advised Tapswap miners on what to do after the app announced it will not launch on the Solana blockchain
  • The man said those who have not connected their Tapswap app to the Solana Phantom Wallet should not do so
  • He said they need to wait for Tapswap to make an announcement concerning the blockchain it would launch on

A man has advised Tapswap coin miners not to connect their app to the Solana wallet.

The man said this is because Tapswap will not be launching on the Solana blockchain.

The man with the TikTok handle @szymansk_i said it would be good for miners to wait for Tapswap to make another announcement concerning the blockchain it would launch on.

In a TikTok video, he said there is no need to connect to Solana since Tapswap said it would not be available there.

Those who already connected Tapswap to Solana

Fidelis Ozuawal, a cryptocurrency expert at Waptutors Academy, said those who have already connected can still access their coins.

He said:

“They will have to wait for the next update, as they may have to withdraw their tokens from another chain when available. If it’s via an exchange it becomes way easier as just your wallet or ID of that exchange would be needed. As this will be compulsory for everyone to have an active KYC account on that exchange.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from Tapswap miners

@Obasi Ifeanyichukwu Jacob said:

“Make this tapswap no try us o because my benz money dey with them. Make we no wear timberland for their matter because blood go flow.”

@Rexmani12 said:

“What about those who has already connect there solana wallet to tapswap?”

@Hannah_Brown said:

“I actually stopped tapping the TAPSWAP two week ago cause I’m having issues connecting it to my Solana, so I hope this coming update will make it easier.”

Why Tapswap was not opening

A lady said there was no need to fret if Tapswap refused to open, noting that it was a general issue.

She was responding to many complaints by people currently mining Tapswap and hoping to cash out.

Her update about Tapswap was corroborated in the Tapswap Telegram community, where it was disclosed that maintenance was underway.


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