Man Gives Back What He Stole From Shop During His Childhood

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A young man stunned a business owner when visited a store he pilfered from as a young boy to make restitution.

He went back to the place to return all the items he stole during his childhood but he gave the monetary equivalent which totaled $600 (N270,000).

In a heartwarming video shared on TikTok, the man could be seen interacting with the shop owner as he disclosed his intention for coming.

One by one, he brought out a list of snacks, drinks and other items, and asked the shop owner how much each of them cost.

The young man then proceeded to tick off an item on the list after hearing its price. The items were in the range of 61 ice cream bars, 42 cans of energy drinks, 56 cans of soda, 49 bags of cookies, 32 chocolate candy bars, 28 bars of fruit snacks and 31 bags of popcorn.

When he calculated the price and arrived at a total of N422 (N190,000), the young man added $178 to the and gave $600 (N270k) to the shop owner.

Not understanding what was happening, the shop owner quizzed to know what the money was for, and the man revealed that it accounted for what he stole there as a child. He explained that he is a changed peson and thought it wise to make the restitution.

Before leaving, he then requested for a hug and the shop owner responded positively.

Reacting, Myykal1 said: That was amazing! God bless you. ! You have restored his faith in humanity ! This is a gesture he will remember forever!

RICHARD MAURER; It will become more important to try to correct your wrongs from long ago as you age. it’s good to do.

EddietheSituation said: “Such amazing character you sir, are a role model for everyone to look up too!!!

Growth_Within; If this is real….. amazing. But can we explain the random sheet on the table for a convenience store?”

Carol Ann Shull Lang; That’s a good job good man grow up to be a good man may have had top hard times as a kid but is now a good man whether he has hard times or not.

Esprit Arkitekt; Why is the till on a random table amongst cereal? & how’d he calculate all that at the end when he was talking to the shopkeeper?!summin’ don’t add up.

By Henry Chigbo

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