Man Hospitalised After Fighting Off Leopard

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A Zimbabwean, James Chauke, has landed in the hospital after fighting off a leopard, that attacked him while he was relieving himself in the bush.

According to H-Metro on Wednesday, Chauke is being treated at the Gwanda Provincial Hospital.

Speaking with local media, the survivor said, “It was around lunch time yesterday (Tuesday) when I was working at a plot close to a dense forest.

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“I went to relieve myself. I saw some impalas and other animals and didn’t realise that they were being hunted by a leopard. I was among the animals and never thought there was a dangerous animal.

“I heard growls, but I just thought they were baboons eating something. When I turned, I saw that it was a leopard.

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“It was already too late as it was charging at me. When it jumped at me, I grabbed its front leg. I managed to pick up a stone and bashed its mouth.”

Credit: H-Metro

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