Man Who Went Viral After Accusing Slain Soldiers Of Working For Tompolo Joins List Of Wanted Suspect

The Nigerian Army have released a full list containing names and photos of eight suspects who are linked to the murder of 17 Soldiers in Okuama, Delta State.

Among the suspects mentioned in the list is a young man identified as Reuben Baru who went viral a week ago over a video he posted on social media in which he made some allegations he made against the military regarding the incident in Okuama Community.

According to a report made based on the video by Sahara Reporters, the young man, who’s said to be a resident of Okuama Community, pointed accusing fingers on Tompolo by claiming that the soldiers lost their lives while fighting for the Niger Delta Warlord.

He said; “Okuama and Okoloba have land issues, but Ijaw people whom the federal government have given power to go after bunkery are using the Army to guide their products to the point of sales. They used the Army to pick people from Okuama community.

“The three people taken were slaughtered, and now they are coming back to pick community leaders, and you know that once community leaders are captured; the youths are powerless.

“Those soldiers were not in Okuama for peacekeeping, they were fighting in favor of Tompolo who ordered them to do so.”

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Reuben Baru is the number eight suspect in the list, and the complete list of suspects are as follows;

• Prof. Ekpekpo Arthur

• Andaowei Dennis Bakriri

• Akevwru Daniel Omotegbo 

• Akata Malawa David

• Sinclear Oliki

• Clement Ikolo Ogenerukeywe

• Igoli Ebi

• Reuben Baru


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