Minister Made Bold Move, Visits Brave Soldier Who Raised Alarm Over Sexual Harassment Scandal

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The Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy Ohanenye, has visited female soldier Ruth Ogunleye, who is undergoing rehabilitation following allegations of stigmatization, intimidation, and sexual harassment within the military ranks.

Ogunleye accused a colonel and two other senior officers of subjecting her to harassment after she rejected the colonel’s advances.

In a video that gained traction on social media, Ogunleye detailed the harassment she faced, including being stigmatized and intimidated by her colleagues. She also claimed that her salary was halted in February 2023.

The Minister of Women Affairs shared her observations and concerns on her official X handle, noting that Ogunleye experienced disruptions in her life.

The minister commended the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Taoreed Lagbaja, for the care and attention provided to Ogunleye during her rehabilitation.

In a statement on Thursday, January 25, Ohanenye said, “In keeping with my earlier resolve, I was at the facility where the female Soldier, Ruth Ogunleye, is undergoing rehabilitation earlier this week. Aside from the noticeable improvement from my last visit to her, she was in high spirits, and we interacted cordially. I am impressed and must commend the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Taoreed Lagbaja, for the top-notch care and attention given to her by the Army through the deployment of their personnel to the facility.”

The minister also said a desk officer from the ministry would be deployed to the armed forces to ensure Ogunleye’s wellbeing aligns with the ministry’s mandate to promote the welfare of Nigerian women. 

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