Minna: Tinubu Rushed Off Stage At APC Rally

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The presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, was allegedly rushed off the stage at the party’s presidential rally in Minna on Wednesday due to poor health.

A source told the Whistler, that the former governor was advised to rest on Tuesday evening after he made an appearance at the North West zone rally held at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna thus delaying his arrival in Minna until Wednesday.

The former Lagos governor was said to have arrived at the venue of the rally in the afternoon in Minna.

However, when he was ushered to the stage to speak in a monitored live telecast, the APC flag bearer could only shout the party’s name several times in a slow and incoherent manner.

“APC, APC, Niger! Nigeria, Nigeria! Sai Bago, Sai Bago, APC, APC!” Tinubu said on stage.

“Sai Lolo, Sai lolo,” he continued, after which he busted into laughter.

He kept shouting, “Sai Bago, sai jagaban”, a nickname he is known for as his voice kept diminishing.

He continued shouting, “God bless you, God bless Niger State, may God bless you,” and was led away from the podium without presenting his manifesto nor his plans for the nation ahead of 2023 presidential election.

The rally was thereafter cut short in a live beam monitored by this paper on television Station, TVC.

It’s Not True, Tinubu Fit – Alake

The spokesman of the Tinubu campaign council,  Dele Alake denied that its party’s flag bearer was rushed out of the rally ground base on poor health issues.

“Absolute bunkum, balderdash, hogwash, infantile imagination of warped minds,” Alake wrote.

“Go see the video clip, i was right behind him on the stage. The Campaign started a little behind schedule and there were other activities marked for today like his commissioning of the APC Minna secretariat, visit to the emir etc vis a vis the time.

“So, he was advised to just give a brief greeting and acknowledgement to the teeming crowd and he danced to the crowd enthusiastically before moving on to the commissioning venue and on to other activities.

“The man is as fit as a fiddle and the success of the Minna rally is top class.

“Again, Asiwaju will continue to confound his enemies as he coasts home to victory in the coming elections. All the evil wished him will continue to befall his traducers!” Aleke said.

Tinubu’s Undisclosed Illness

The former Lagos Governor is reportedly believed to be battling with some undisclosed illnesses.

Despite the numerous reports about his health, the APC candidate who recently spent months abroad for treatment of undisclosed illnesses has kept mum on the development.

In February in Osogbo, Osun State, Tinubu had defended such calls saying, “I am not applying for the job of bricklaying or grave digging.”

That fuel concerns that he may indeed have issues with his health and admitting it inadvertently since the constitution does not mandate any candidate to disclose his health status.

“I went to school to study accountancy and management. I am applying for a thinking job and I will do it right. The job I want to do is for Nigeria to be greater and to be proud of itself,” he had added.

Also, in October 2021, Tinubu spent months in the UK, in what his camp reported to be a knee surgery.

Upon his return to Nigeria, he went philosophical stating that, “And He (God) says, if I grant you power and the privilege in this life; I am the only one who can take it from you if you don’t use it in the way and manner that promotes humanity. God can give power to any one he wills.

“It is the same God that has spared us till today and has given us the privilege. I give glory to God, because I’m standing before you hale, hearty and well,” he had said at an event hosted by Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Lagos governor.


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