Miyetti Allah Drops Powerful Statement As International Group Warns Against Ranching In Southeast

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has strongly criticized the opposition to ranching in the South-East by the International Group for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law, Intersociety. In response to Intersociety’s warning against ceding land for ranching in the zone, MACBAN labeled the stance as driven by ethnic hatred.

In a statement signed by Bello Aliyu Gotomo, the National Secretary of MACBAN, the association expressed disappointment in Intersociety’s position, deeming it divisive and lacking in national unity. MACBAN urged Southeast governors to disregard such statements, emphasizing the need for unity and progress in Nigeria.

Furthermore, MACBAN highlighted the importance of recognizing the role of herders in the livestock value chain within the Southeast and called for fair treatment and understanding from all stakeholders.

The association also stressed the necessity of addressing security challenges nationwide without unfairly demonizing any group based on criminal activities.

It reads, “The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) takes exception to the recent statement issued by The International Group for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law insisting that the Governors of the Southeast states should refrain from allocating land for herders’ grazing and trailer parks.

“We interpret the submission of the group as laden with ethnic hate and dysfunctional in this age when patriotic Nigerians are bent on charting a common front for a united and progressive nation.

“Such a position by a group that claims international exposure bears so much national deficit and should therefore be rightly seen as most divisive and unbecoming of any organisation that rationalises multi-ethnic nationhood.”

MACBAN implored the governors of the Southeast states “to disregard hate statements such as this from relevance-seeking individuals or organisations whose wishes tend towards fanning the embers of ethnic hate in the country.

“We remain optimistic that the Governors of the Southeast, along with all well-meaning persons and organisations in Igboland, will continue to recognise our essence in the livestock value chain in the geopolitical zone and continue to be fair in accommodating our people.

“Recognizing the industrious nature of the Igbo people and their successes across the globe (outside their traditional homeland), we trust in their continued hospitality towards our people in Igboland.

“We implore the different tiers of government to take a critical look at the security challenges across the country and save Nigerians the humongous losses in materials and lives.

“We maintain that criminals of whatever shade are weighty burdens to society. It behoves the government to ensure that they are tracked down and made to face the full wrath of the law.

“No group(s) should be made to suffer blanket demonization because of criminal activities of some persons traceable to the group(s).

“We are optimistic that the Nigeria every patriotic Nigerian envisions materialises to our collective good.”


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