Nasarawa Governor Sends Strong Message To Peter Obi Over Collapsing Nigeria

Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi Sule, has called on former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi, to throw his weight behind President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in navigating Nigeria through its current economic challenges.

Speaking to Vanguard Newspapers, Governor Sule reveals the important need for unity and collaboration in addressing the nation’s pressing issues. He stressed that the elections are over and it is time to focus on moving the country forward.

Governor Sule in the other hand, acknowledged Peter Obi’s competence and experience. He highlighted the importance of joining forces to support President Tinubu in the best interest of the nation. He said that Tinubu cannot tackle the country’s challenges alone and urged well-meaning citizens like Obi to lend their support.

In his address to Peter Obi , he said: “I know you have the experience, competence, and capacity to support the president in the overall interest of the country. The president is your friend and colleague, we were all in Lagos at some point, and as such you need to contribute your quota to the development of the country. You can contribute your quota quietly because the President needs all the necessary support in order to bring the country back on track”.


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