“Never Trust A Pastor” – Nigerian Man Shares A Pastor Scammed Him [VIDEO]

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“Never trust a pastor” – Nigerian man shares heart-wrenching experience of pastor’s fraudulent scheme

A young Nigerian man shares a heart-breaking story of how he sold his two plots of land, paid for a flight, and lodging to a pastor who scammed him, despite promising to take him abroad.

This is contained in a fresh video on social media captioned: “A pastor trusted me, never trust them.”

In the said video, the young man was asked what his biggest regret is, and in response, he immediately revealed that his biggest regret is being scammed by a pastor.

His statement: “Never trust a pastor, I swear to God. I applied for a visa, the pastor wanted to take me abroad. I paid for the flight, the lodge, and everything, and along the line, it was a scam.”

“I sold my two plots of land to apply for the visa, I cried. It was my hard-earned money. Never trust a pastor. He blocked me on WhatsApp; if I call him and he hears my call, he blocks me.”

His statement attracted the attention of individuals online who have stormed the comment page after the video made its way to social media.

See some reactions below:

king Bath: “same so called pastor did the same thing to me and located to US.”

hiispiridmufasha_: “Bro exactly same thing happened with my brother???? the pastor scammed us close to 4m. Abi na same set this guy and my bro day cause they were many.”

Tommy shelby: “all pastor’s re same????ur fav jst never rip u????na y some people still dey go down 4 emm.”

Folorunsho Dada: “Brotherly,u played urself,seek God for urself,read the word of God for urself, salvation is free,stop human worship.”

DR REUBEN: “Most of these Pentecostal pastors opening ministries anyhow are fakes, they are the once bringing Shame to the body of Christ. I respect Orthodox.”

I. Y. B: “you met a scammer, not a pastor. Many scammers now use religion to perptreate scam and evil.”

EXPRESS STORE: “Na online pastor ?? You no go wear timberland go fellowship with am for the church. Call the pastor name and his church name. Don’t use it rob others.”

user7943544822681: “you didn’t have his picture or full name? make you carry police jail the mumu, amu nkita like him.”


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