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There have been debates across British media since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent visit to Nigeria. Their visit, intended to celebrate the Invictus Games has sparked a wave of criticism from several British journalists. It has been marred by harsh comments from media personalities who question the suitability of Nigeria as a destination for members of the British royal family.

Kevin O’Sullivan, a well-known British journalist and presenter, voiced strong disapproval on his show on TalkTV. O’Sullivan harshly critiqued the West African nation, labeling it as a place plagued by severe social issues, including female genital mutilation, a lack of women’s rights, and frequent kidnappings by extremist groups. 

According to him, such a backdrop makes Nigeria an unsuitable place for any endorsement, especially from the royal family. “The royal family doesn’t just visit any country. These tours are meticulously planned, and the royals only go to nations that align with certain standards. Nigeria, in my view, is not one of those countries,” O’Sullivan stated emphatically.

Adding to the chorus of disapproval, Michael Cole, a seasoned royal commentator, referred to Nigeria as a dangerous location, comparing it unfavorably with Johannesburg, known for its high crime rates. Cole highlighted concerns about safety and internet fraud, which he claims are rampant in the country.

“It’s baffling why Prince Harry would choose to go there. It’s a place known for dangerous conditions and widespread scams that target people globally,” Cole commented during the broadcast.

Royal Visits to Nigeria: A Historical Perspective

Despite the current uproar, it’s noteworthy that King Charles III has visited Nigeria multiple times in the past decades—1990, 1999, 2006, and as recently as 2018. These visits did not provoke similar outrage, raising questions about the current criticisms’ timing and nature of these British media personalities.

Interestingly, while these critiques were freely aired on television, the media company responsible has chosen not to post this particular segment on their usual online platforms, such as Instagram, where they typically share interview clips. This decision has only fueled more debates and speculation about the motives behind the coverage of Harry and Meghan’s visit.

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