Nigerian Court Sentences Police Officer To Death For Murder

Inspector Ubi Ebri of the Nigeria Police Force was found guilty and given the death penalty on a murder charge by a Delta State High Court in Asaba.

Hon. Justice C.D. Diai presided over the court proceedings, and the police officer was found guilty of killing Emmanuel Ibeh Onyeka, a salesperson and repairer of telephones.

Led by Ministry of Justice director E.H. Edoema and attorney Michael Ayogbe, the prosecution said the defendant was a member of a police patrol squad that conducted a stop-and-search operation on April 5, 2023, along Ugbolu-Asaba Road in the state capital.

The deceased, Emmanuel Onyeka Ibeh, and his spouse were stopped for a search by the police team when they were traveling from Ugbolu to Asaba.

The dead obliged with the request, but he chose to pull off and leave after waiting for a time to be searched and without receiving any attention.

The deceased was struck in the head by bullets fired by the defendant, who was furious at the deceased’s behavior. Ibeh passed away instantaneously, but his wife, who was seated in the front car, was unharmed.

Naturenex recalls that the town’s youth protested after the deceased’s death.

In a conversation with reporters shortly after the ruling, Edoema stated:

“Today’s judgement is a landmark judgement because justice has been served in this case to the deceased and society at large.”

The deceased’s older brother, Fidel Ifeanyi Ibeh, who was present for the ruling, also praised the court for providing his family with justice.


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