North Intellectuals Who Said Oil And Gas Came From The North Has Been Proven Right’ – Reuben Abati

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The NNPC In October 2019 announced the discovery of hydrocarbon deposits in the Kolmani River well on the upper Benue Trough Gongola Basin in the North Eastern Part of the country. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria confirmed the first crude oil drilling project in Northern Nigeria on the boundary of the Bauchi and Gombe states. The President describes this successful discovery by the NNPC as a boost to the Nigerian economy and the generation of foreign Investment.

Popular Nigeria Journalist, Dr. Reuben Abati speaking on the new oil discovery stated that this proves some Northern analysts right about the geology of oil and gas in Nigeria. He explained that this discovery might not only stop in this place as it could extend to other Northern states in the country.

He said;

”A set of intellectuals from the North said that the geology of oil and gas in Nigeria is that the oil and gas came from the North and settled in the Niger Delta, I think they have been proven right about that. But we have to expect that the oil find will be in commercial quantity.”

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