Obey Doctors Till You Are 70, Then You Can  Eat Anything You Like – Pastor Adeboye

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Pastor E. A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God spoke on Overflowing Blessings at their Thanksgiving Service, Redeemed Christian Church of God November 6th 2022, Sunday Service.

According to him, “Money is important. Bible says quite a lot of wonderful things about money. I know many people will want to quote only one and that’s, ‘Love of money is the root of all evil.’ That passage didn’t say money is evil; it said the ‘love of money.’ You need money to survive as a matter of fact, Ecclesiastes 7:12, and that can’t be truer than a time like this. If you have money to hire a lot of body guards, you will feel safer.”

He then said that when we are talking about blessings, money is probably the smallest of all the blessings. The ability to eat is a blessing. Thank God for those of us who are not rich yet but we can eat. How many people are here who it doesn’t matter what they put in front of you, you can go. If you can really eat, shout halleluyah.”

Speaking further, he said, “Don’t mind those people who said, ‘Don’t eat don’t eat that!’ Enjoy yourself! I said, Enjoy yourself. Those of you who can eat let me hear you shout halleluyah. Alright, so that I don’t offend the doctors: You can obey them till you are 70. As soon as you are 70 years old, eat anything you like. You want to stay in the world forever? Enjoy yourself my friend.

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