Obi Is Surrounded By Bad Characters And I Have Invited The Police To Arrest Them – Aboyemi Arabambi

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Labour Party National Publicity Secretary, Aboyemi Arabambi has said that Nigerians shouldn’t be surprised when they see that the Nigerian police are arresting some members of the Labour Party who are following Peter Obi all around because they are full of bad characters. Aboyemi Arabambi made this known while appearing the morning show on Arise TV.

According to Arabambi, he disclosed that the police will soon storm the Labour Party headquarters amid the ongoing party crisis. He revealed that he has already filed a suit in the Supreme court, complained to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, and also sent a petition to the Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba.

According to The Nation Nigeria, he said, “Very soon, the police will swoop on the Labour Party headquarters. I have written to the Nigeria Police over it, I have complained to the Chief Justice of Nigeria and I have filed a suit in the Supreme Court over the matter. We must not let criminals follow Peter Obi into Aso rock. He is a clean individual but he is currently surrounded by people with shady characters.”

He also noted that, “Peter Obi is a very clean individual. People that have shaddy characters must not be seen around him. We must not allow criminals to follow him (Peter Obi) to Aso Rock.”

Dear readers, do you agree that Peter Obi has some bad people among his campaign council who might work against his presidency in 2023?


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