Obidient: They Abuse Us; I’ve Been In Spaces Where They’ve Called Me “Obidiot” And “Obidient” – Nana Kazaure

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In an interview with TrustTv News, Nana Kazaure, spokesperson, Obi/Datti presidential campaign council, said that the Labour Party and the Obidient get abused by the opposition and that she has been in a space where she was called “Obidiot” and “Obident”

Nana Kazaure made the statement when she was asked to react to people who accused the Obidient of cyberbullying even though she always said everywhere she goes that the Obidient and Labour Party are different.

Nana Kazaure said that there are two ways to respond to that, she said, first of all, you can’t beat a child and tell the child not to cry. She explains that there is difference between what you called abuse and people who are enthusiastic.

“We receive a lot of abuse, I’ve been called all manner of names, I have been in spaces where I was called Obidiot, and Obident, I have been called all manner of names and because of maturity I’m able to walk away I’m able to let it roll off my back and focus on my sellable candidate and their candidature and what they bring to the table.

Nana Kazaure added that the Obidient are insulted too and that when they respond, why is it that is what they choose to project.

She then said that the second aspect to it is that, many of the time, they found out that the account that bully people are fake and they don’t belong to people who follow Obi/Datti movement and that it is a ploy by other parties to put then in the negative spotlight.


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