“Odeshi Gone Wrong”: Arsenal Fan Kills Father In Attempt To Test Gun Charm In Popular Northern State

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Adamawa, Jada – The Adamawa state police command has arrested, Suugbomsumen Adamu, a man who shot his father (Yusuf Adamu ) dead while testing the authenticity of a local charm against firearms.

According to Sahara Reporters, the incident occurred on Sunday, November 6 at the Sankipo village in the Jada Local Government Area of the state.

Naturenex gathered that Suugbomsumen got the consent of his stepfather to test the gun on him before he pulled the trigger.

Yusuf was said to have been confident about the local charm, hence propelling him to order his stepson (Suugbomsumen) to pull the trigger at him to test the effectiveness of the charm.

Police react to bizarre incident

Reacting to the tragic incident, the Adamawa state police command said Suugbomsumen is in their custody.

SP Suleiman Nguroje, spokesperson of the Adamawa police command said:

“The shooter had been taken into custody.

“The police will thoroughly investigate the matter and make sure justice is served, regardless of the relationship between the deceased and the alleged shooter.”

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