Online Surveys: What Are They And How To Create Them?

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Online Survey

A organized inquiry that your target audience completes over the internet, usually by filling out a form, is known as an online survey.

Online Survey
Online Survey

The duration and format of online surveys might vary. The data is maintained in a database, and the survey tool usually includes some level of data analysis in addition to expert assessment.

The Advantages of Surveys

Unlike traditional surveys, internet surveys allow businesses to acquire data from a large number of people at a low cost. You can learn the following things by doing an online survey:

  1. Who are your users?
  2. What your users desire to achieve
  3. What kind of information are your users looking for?

When Is It Appropriate to Conduct an Online Survey?

An online survey can be conducted at any step of the development process:

You learn about current visitors and what they’re trying to accomplish before you revamp a website.
You can understand if your new design satisfies the demands of users and identify areas for improvement after publishing a new or revised site.
You can conduct continuing surveys to gather recommendations for future changes if you wish to have content or features rated or graded.

Developing Online Surveys: Best Practices

You should determine the following before establishing an online survey:

  • What is your goal?
  • Where can you locate people who will respond?
  • The software you’ll be working with
  • How will you gather data and are there any constraints to data collection?
  • Who will be in charge of data analysis?

After you’ve outlined those fundamentals, think about the following:

  • Make your questionnaires as brief as feasible.
  • Give the participant an estimate of how long it will take them to complete the task, as well as something to track their progress.
  • Include both open-ended (where users complete the response) and closed-ended questions.
  • Inquire if a respondent is willing to participate in a follow-up survey or interview to answer more detailed questions.

Creating Question

After you’ve decided on the software and its function, write your queries. You might wish to think about gathering data on:

  • If users can find the information they’re looking for
  • How satisfied are your site’s visitors?
  • What have users’ experiences been with your site or similar sites?
  • What your site’s users like and don’t like
  • What are some of your users’ annoyances or problems with your site?
  • If your site’s users would recommend it to others
  • If users have any recommendations or ideas for improvements, please let us know.

9 Highest Paying Survey Apps for Money

The ideal approach to use survey apps is to make a folder on your smartphone and keep all of your survey options together. From your smartphone, you can download the most popular survey apps from both the Apple and Android shops.

You can make your morning commute or evenings more productive by combining these surveys with a smartphone. The phone-based apps make taking a survey while watching TV or relaxing during your morning or evening commute a breeze.

1. Survey Junkie

You can use Survey Junkie to become an influencer. Your responses to surveys will aid companies in refining their products and services so that they can provide more of what customers desire.

After you’ve signed up, take a few minutes to fill out your profile. While it may appear to be unpaid time, it will actually help you earn more money in the long term.

By creating a profile, Survey Junkie will be able to send you survey offers that are most relevant to you.

That will reduce the number of times you start answering a survey only to be told halfway through that you are being removed because it does not apply to you.

You can exchange your points for Paypal or e-gift cards once you’ve accumulated enough for your efforts.

2. Mobile Xpressions

Mobile Xpressions is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a more passive way to earn money.

Instead of filling out surveys, all you have to do is download the Mobile Xpressions app to your phone. Without asking you to do anything else, the software collects data in the background.

You’ll be compensated in the form of credits that can be exchanged for gift cards at a variety of stores, including Amazon.

3. Inbox Dollars

When you sign up for Inbox Dollars, you’ll get $5 just for signing up. So you’ll be making money even before you’ve put in a single hour of effort.

After you’ve completed your registration, you’ll be able to make money by doing things like doing surveys, reading emails, viewing movies, or playing online games.

Inbox Dollars is a well-known survey service that has given out over $56 million in rewards to date.

4. Swag Bucks

Swagbucks is one of my favorite survey sites, owing to the variety of money-making opportunities available.

With this site, you should be able to uncover a number of easy money-making opportunities. You’ll make money in the first few minutes simply by signing up for their $5 sign-up incentive.

This site has a lot of surveys if you enjoy taking them. You can, however, go online and shop, watch films, and play games. Also, if you, like me, enjoy searching for goods on the internet, you’ll appreciate the fact that you’ll be rewarded for merely utilizing your search engine.

5. Pinecone Research

Pinecone may not be as well-known as Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, but it’s still a viable option when it comes to survey sites.

You’ll earn points on this site, just like the others, which you may exchange for prepaid virtual Visa cards or a cheque addressed to you.

The majority of the polls on this site should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Good to Know: After you’ve accumulated 300 points, they’ll be withdrawn automatically, and a check will be mailed to the address you provided when you signed up.

6. Qmee

Qmee is a survey platform that focuses on brand market research. In the end, it’s a shopping companion that you can add to your browser.

You’ll make money by surfing the web and answering questions – moreover, as you search, you’ll be informed of the finest online deals and discounts.

You’ll not only get money-saving discounts, but you’ll also get paid for your time. The best part is that you can get your rewards very immediately; you can withdraw your “piggybank” at any time, and the funds will appear in your PayPal account right away.

7. National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel

You can complete surveys and share information about your shopping visits with this option. You’ll either obtain a portable scanner or the NCPMobile app once you’ve been accepted as a panel member.

After you return from your shopping trips, you’ll use the app or scanner to scan the barcodes on the things you bought.

You’ll also provide other information to the National Consumer Panel, such as the name of the retailer or the prices of the items you purchased. You may also be eligible for surveys or research studies.

8. Shopkick


Shopkick is another site where you may earn rewards in a variety of ways. You can earn points by purchasing online or in stores, doing surveys, watching videos, or looking at things online.

Some people may discover that if they work hard enough, they might get a gift card in as little as a week by accumulating points.

However, keep in mind that walking inside a store to gain points will cost you money in gas. Go for it if you’re already heading that way.

But I wouldn’t go to that store only to collect Shopkick points; otherwise, the petrol money may end up costing you more than the points you earn.

9. Harris Poll

You can earn gift cards by filling out surveys and completing other tasks with Harris Poll. The fact that you may utilize your points for sweepstakes entries instead of cashing them out for gift cards sets this site apart from the competition.

You might earn thousands of dollars if you’re the lucky winner of one of the sweepstakes. This website may appeal to you if you are willing to risk a portion of your profits on your luck.

Paid Surveys | 4 Sure Legit Site To Take Online Surveys for Money



Swagbucks is another well-known name in the survey app world. It mostly functions as a website and browser plug-in, but it also has an app.

There are usually plenty of surveys to choose from, but you may find yourself filling out the first few questions only to be told you’re ineligible and won’t be paid — this can be irritating at first, but you’ll get used to it.

You can also earn ‘Swagbucks’ by participating in a variety of different activities. It could be as simple as signing up for a newsletter or taking advantage of an offer, but more typical methods include gaming or viewing movies.

If you earn enough points in your first few months on the site, you’ll get a $5 sign-up bonus, and you may start cashing out as soon as you hit $3. You can also get a cut of anything everyone you refer earns. Swagbucks has already paid out over $241 million, so why not join in?

  • Apple users can click here to find out more about the survey junkie app.
  • Android users can click here for survey junkie app.



The SurveyMonkey business model is based on a freemium approach. This implies that we offer free access to our most basic tools while charging for access to our more advanced features and resources.

We also provide a spectrum of services to assist customers with everything from customer satisfaction to grant application management.

  • Apple users can click here to find out more about the survey junkie app.
  • Android users can click here for survey junkie app.

CashKarma surveys


CashKarma is a smartphone software that rewards you with points for completing surveys and other online chores.

These points can be exchanged for PayPal payments or prizes from over 50 different merchants, including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and the Playstation Store.

  • Apple users can click here to find out more about the survey junkie app.
  • Android users can click here for survey junkie app.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another of the most well-known and widely used survey apps. They say that by answering their questions regarding customer opinions on businesses and products, you can become a ‘influencer.’

You won’t be able to cash in your points right away because a minimum threshold of $10 must be met, but it shouldn’t take long. Each point is worth a cent, and most surveys pay out between 10 and 200 points, allowing you to earn up to $2 every survey. By introducing your friends and family, you can earn even more points.

  • Apple users can click here to find out more about the survey junkie app.
  • Android users can click here for survey junkie app.


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