[VIDEO]: Osinbajo Reacts Over A Meme That Shows A Chat He Had With Buhari About Peter Obi

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The vice president of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo was speaking during an event when he said that he’s noticed how Nigerians create memes with photos of him talking with president Buhari.

Backing his observation with notable examples, he read a meme about Peter Obi that Nigerians made with a photo of him talking with Buhari.

In the meme, he told Buhari that he’s checked Peter Obi’s record and found that he’s clean, the president responded by suggesting that they should tell Nigerians that Peter Obi was the same Peter that denied Jesus.

He said;

“It appears that every photograph of me talking with the president must be characterized as though I’m saying something mischievous.

Now take this one for example talking about Peter Obi. So this is me I said; “Boss we have checked Peter Obi’s records, he’s clean.

The President says: Then let’s tell the people that he was the same Peter that denied Jesus three times”.

After reading the meme, the hall erupted with laughter from both the Vice President and the audience before he moved on to read other memes.



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