‘Out Of All The Bishops, You’re The Only One Left To Have A Car, So Take Your Car Key’ – Wike

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During the inauguration of Ahoda-Omoku Road, the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, gifted Bishop Clement Ekpeye a car key after telling him that he was the only one left to have a car amongst all the bishops in the state. Wike stated that he has gifted the other bishops a car except for him.

Wike, who called the Catholic Bishops out in style, told him that he made a promise to him and has now fulfilled it. After saying this, he handed him his car key and showed him his car.

According to him, “I made a promise to the bishop of Ekpeye Diocese.” Is he here? Where is he? Has he gone? Let him come. Bishop, come this way; I’m the one directing you in the church; you direct me. “Of all the Catholic Bishops, I’ve bought cars for them; he is the only one I’ve not bought a car for, so today, take your car.”

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