Outrage As Labour Agrees To Minimum Wage Of N60,000, Despite Demanding N464,000

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A signed document between the Federal Government and Organized Labour has sparked widespread criticism and outrage among Nigerians. The document, shared on social media, reveals that the President has committed to paying a national minimum wage “higher than ₦60,000”. This figure falls far short of the ₦464,000 demanded by the Labour Union.

Reactions have been fierce, with many expressing disappointment and frustration. Some have questioned the point of the strike, given the seemingly insignificant increase. Others have criticized the government for prioritizing tariffs and senatorial allowances over workers’ welfare.

The signing of the document has raised concerns about the transparency and effectiveness of the negotiations. Many are questioning whether the Labour Union has betrayed the trust of Nigerian workers by agreeing to a figure that is still far from their demands.

The tripartite committee will meet everyday for the next one week with a view of arriving at an agreeable minimum wage


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