Pastor Ebuka Obi Breaks Silence On Viral Deliverance Video

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Founder of Zion Ministry Outreach, Ebuka Obi, has responded to rumors surrounding a deliverance session captured in a viral video.

The footage, showing the purported deliverance of a woman believed to be possessed by a marine spirit, stirred reactions online, with some questioning its authenticity.

Addressing the controversy from the pulpit, Pastor Ebuka Obi recounted the circumstances leading to the video’s viral spread and refuted allegations that the deliverance session was staged.

He said that skeptics attempting to downplay the power of God are missing the genuine transformation that occurred during the session.

The preacher went further on to share that, post-deliverance, the woman now experiences peaceful sleep, a stark contrast to her previous state.

In a symbolic gesture, he invited the lady onto the pulpi and her apparent well-being.

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