Pastor Ibiyeomie Reveals Hidden Danger Of Getting Paid For Church Service

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Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the General Overseer of Salvation Ministries, has issued a cautionary message regarding the practice of earning money for rendering services in church. According to him, individuals who receive payment for their services within the church may find themselves unable to rise above the financial level of their compensation.

Pastor Ibiyeomie specifically highlighted the example of churches that pay members for playing musical instruments, emphasizing that such practices hinder the recipients from experiencing the full extent of divine blessings.

In his words, “Some churches pay members to beat the drums. That’s the reason they are doing it. If you are hearing me anywhere in the world and they pay you for rendering service in Church, I tell you, you will never come out of poverty. Thou shall serve the lord your God, and He shall bless your bread and water.

“So the moment you serve God, and they pay you, the blessing stops. And the blessings of God maketh rich, so you will just remain at the level that they are paying you, and you will never rise. That is why you see drummers who receive money from Church never get rich.”

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