Pastor Ibiyeomie: What Someone Told Me After I Unknowingly Gave Him A Watch Worth $59,000

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In a recent Facebook video, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, leader of Salvation Ministries International, shared heartening stories underscoring his unwavering dedication to generosity and compassion. Recounting a memorable encounter, he described spotting a young man in church adorned in tattered slippers and promptly decided to clothe him entirely, from head to toe. The following service, Pastor Ibiyeomie gleefully observed the man sitting at the front, comfortably crossing his legs, a gesture that brought him immense satisfaction. Additionally, he expressed his intention to bestow costly watches upon his fellow pastors in the future, recounting a moment where he gave one without knowing its value, only to later discover it was worth fifty-nine thousand dollars.

According to him, “One day I came to Church, I saw a young man from head to toe. I saw him in Church he was wearing very dirty slippers so I said: ‘Follow me’! So I wore him from his head to toe so the following service he sat in front and crossed his legs (Laughing). I felt good that he was wearing everything! Pastors with me will come one day, I will give them watches, very expensive watches. One day I gave one, I didn’t know the price I gave him. I now saw it was fifty-nine thousand dollars. I said: ‘You have to give me back’. He said: ‘Papa, you don give me forget about it. He said: ‘It’s too late you’ve already given me, don’t worry yourself’. If you’re struggling to give, you don’t understand love. Those who understand love don’t struggle to give.”

For the video: Watch the Facebook video here.

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