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Peter Obi, the former presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has called for an audit of the party’s accounts amid allegations of corruption against the party’s National Chairman, Julius Abure.

In response to the recent corruption scandal, Obi has distanced himself from the party and is reportedly set to unveil a new political platform.

He has emphasized the need for transparency and accountability, stating that he does not condone financial mismanagement. Obi has promised to appoint a reputable audit firm to thoroughly investigate the allegations and counter-allegations within the party.

Investigative reports from @PIDOMNIGERIA shed light on Obi’s intentions, suggesting that his focus is on the “Obidient movement.” As the former presidential candidate navigates these challenging waters, the unveiling of a new political party appears imminent, setting the stage for a fresh chapter in Peter Obi’s political journey.

He wrote: “Some of you may not know, but PO has moved on since from Labour Party and her very many unending wahala/corruption. The attached picture is a little eye opener to you. He is Obidient, and only cares about the Obidient movement. In due time, you all will understand.” 

“As for Abure and the police arrest, PO never wanted to get himself involved. He knows Abure’s records and his doings, and has since distanced himself from Abure.”

“But the pressure was too much from Senators and House of Reps members under the labour party, calling for him to intervene. For those who may not understand, check the time Abure was arrested, and the time it took PO to issue a statement. It was because the police blatantly refused Abure bail on self recognition, and told everyone at the station that the case will be transferred to Abuja today. They had to pressure PO to issue a statement. Even in the statement PO issued, he never exonerated Abure of wrong doings, neither did he dismiss the accusations against Abure as frivolous or unfounded. PO was only angry at the way and manner Abure was humiliated during his arrest. He was against the overzealous attitude of the Police, despite knowing Abure’s status as the national chairman of an opposition Party.”

“As for the police, when they came to the hotel in Benin to arrest Abure, they claimed it’s over fraud, forgery and other financial crimes.”

“But on getting to the station, they changed the reason of his arrest to attempted murder, and possession of firearms. I don’t know their reason for doing so, but what i know, the IGP has invited Abure countless times, over several petitions against him, but he has been evading the invitation. The police tried to arrest him few months ago, but he kept running and using DSS details to cover himself.”

“Senators and House of Reps members under labour party were told openly yesterday at the station that Abure’s case is from Abuja, and the IGP is interested. That he will not be granted bail, but will be transferred to Abuja today. But as soon as PO issued his statement, the police back tracked, agreed, and granted Abure bail in the early hours of today, on self recognition, but asked him to make himself available this morning in court. They released him because of the upcoming labour party’s primaries.”

“Abure’s enemies only took advantage of his current corruption case with labour party to strike, knowing fully well that his support base has weaken, and he has lost his goodwill in the side of Obidients.”

In Summary.

Is Abure corrupt? Yes

Is Abure a thief? Yes.

His he the one killing LP? Yes

Did he misappropriate funds? Yes

Did he betray LP candidates? Yes

Did he sell LP tickets to opposition? Yes

Did he forge documents? Yes

I @PIDOMNIGERIA, i will not speak without evidence. I will never blackmail anyone for money, or with information at my disposal. I will never promote propaganda. My post or whatever i say may not happen immediately, but with time, everything will come to pass.

As for my investigation into Abure’s corruption case, and the labour party’s wahala, nobody gave me a kobo to do so. I did it on my own with my personal funds. I have my ears and eyes on ground.

I have people on the field.

I am neutral and i do my job without biase or favoritism. Even if PO misfires tomorrow, i will be the one to call him out.

Fucck Abure and his Exco. Fuck Apapa and his faction.   I am Obidient. My loyalty is to Nigeria, and my support is for Peter Obi alone.

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