Peterside Blast Senate President Over Comment On Peter Obi And Late Wigwe’s Wife

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The Founder of Anap Foundation, Atedo Peterside, has shared what he observed of the Senate president, Godswill Akpabio, during the funeral of late Herbert Wigwe. He said this in reaction to a trending video in which the Senate president, made a joke while responding to Rivers Governor, Sim Fubara’s question at the funeral.

While addressing the audience, the governor asked for the purpose of the struggle and ‘killings’ between political elites. Reacting to Fubara’s question, Akpabio cracked a joke with a experience of his before stating, “if there’s nothing in the struggle, don’t struggle”.

As a video capturing the moment circulated on social media, Atedo Peterside reacted by sharing some other comments made by the Senate president during the funeral, including a joke he made about Wigwe’s late wife.

Taking to his official X page, he wrote;

“For the record, I was among those who found the Senate President’s comments at the Wigwe Family Funeral in PH to be in poor taste. He began by lamenting that Peter Obi received greater applause than he (Akpabio) got & later told us to join him in consoling the widow who was lying in one of the 3 caskets in front of him. Jokes? Political jibes at a solemn Combined Funeral? Me thinks that was self-centered & totally insensitive.”

Click HERE to the watch video.

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